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Service Agreement

– To make sure that we will perform services for you while reducing the chances for disagreement or disappointment we have this simple agreement between you and Just Cuts Lawn Service. This is an agreement and statement of understanding between Just Cuts Lawn Service INC. and the customer named in this form.

– I authorize Just Cuts Lawn Service INC. to charge my credit card for services rendered. I understand that prices do change from year to year. I have read and understand the price change for my yard that is published on the Service Page at

– The customer and Just Cuts Lawn Service both state and agree that: Just Cuts Lawn Service will perform calls at the address provided in this form. Customer has the right and responsibility to contract with Just Cuts Lawn Service to perform the services indicated on this form. Customer is the party responsible to make payment to Just Cuts Lawn Service for services performed. Customer accepts full responsibility for all charges, late fees, including and collection cost, and attorney fees incurred to collect on their account.

– A Lawn cut is: Mow Lawn, Trim, Edge, and Blow Area clean

– If Just Cuts cannot access the property to be serviced due to a locked gate, loose dog, or other circumstances with in the Customer’s control, Customer will pay the amount that would have been due if the service calls had been performed.

– We will cut your lawn on the same day every week unless weather forces a delay. For scheduling purposes we may change your regular day during the season. In these cases we will notify you by email.

– Please let us know if we need to make special arrangements for animals or any other situations.

– Normally when a crew arrives at a property they will just start cutting the lawn. If we need to announce ourselves by ringing a door bell or calling please let us know.

– Customer is to insure the lawn is free of toys, hoses, sprinklers, cords, etc. -For Customer’s safety, no employee of Just Cuts Lawn Service is to be approached while using equipment. For their own safety, Customer will keep children and pets inside while lawn cutting is performed.

– Just Cuts Lawn Service will not be responsible for damages caused by items left on lawns. The customer is responsible for fragile items on the lawn (for example lighting systems, plants and shrubs, decorations). We have very powerful and heavy equipment and can easily damage these items. Please remove these items or protect them with rocks, bricks or some other barrier. Customer will not hold Just Cuts Lawn Service responsible for accidental damage of any kind caused by our high powered equipment. Just Cuts Lawn Service is not responsible for improperly installed sprinkler systems. This means sprinkler heads must be flush with the ground and tightly packed in dirt. Sprinkler heads should be marked if they are up against driveways and sidewalks that we are edging. Yards with an excessive amount of dog manure will be skipped and charged the full amount of the cut.

– This agreement can be cancelled by either the Customer or Just Cuts Lawn Service at any time. Notification must be made by the Sunday night at midnight, prior to the week in which the next service is to be performed. If a cancellation is made after the required time, the Customer may owe a fee for any service performed. Please go to and look for the tab “cancel service” to send us the message.

– Just Cuts Lawn Service reserves the right not to service the area around the object or plant, to a reasonable and safe distance, without a reduction in rate.

– There will be a $10 charge for lawns that are taller than 8 inches. There will be a $25 charge for lawns that are taller the 12 inches. There will be a $50 charge for lawns that are taller then 16 inches .If a regular service is cancelled for a week the next service will be billed at the bi-weekly rate (add $10 to the weekly rate). Additional fees may apply for obstacles such as hills, jungle gyms, landscaping. This will be done on an individual basis and we will let you know if this applies to your property